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USB Touch Switch LED Mirror Light Bulb

USB Touch Switch LED Mirror Light Bulb

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The outer casing is made of PC material, which is wear-resistant, dust-proof and durable.
Touch memory dimmer switch (stepless dimming)
Natural white light, USB interface, 5V universal
Suction cup / 3M glue fixed bulb
Rotate the line 360 degrees, just pull the line
Gradient dimming, USB interface, waterproof, fireproof, easy to install
Adjustable wire length, between two bulbs, the maximum length is 33cm, the total wire length of 10 LED bulbs is 4.6m


Voltage: ≤36V
Light source type: led light
Main scope of application: mirror light
Light shape: round bulb
Lamp Bead Model: 2835
Can dimming: dimmable
Number of bulbs: 2 bulbs, 6 bulbs, 10 bulbs, 14 bulbs
Lamp holder color selection: white, pink
Power: 1w / bulb (eg 14 bulbs = 14w)
Color temperature: 4000-5000K
Power head: Connect to USB interface
Voltage: 5V
Lumens: 334LM, 1002LM, 1670LM, 2338LM

Package Content:

1 x mirror light
1 x paste


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