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Mirror light bulb

Mirror light bulb

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LED vanity light kit, be essential for professional make-up. If you have it,you could make up at any time and do not worry about the problem of insufficient light. 

  •   Made of 6000k ( daylight glow ) light bulbs, 6000K color temperature be recommended by professional makeup artist. It is soft and not dazzling, so your eyes not be hurt by the light and it is no problem to makeup for a long time. Besides, it is close to the daylight brightness so your skin color be show naturally. 


  •   The brightness of light can be adjusted with smart touch dimmer. So you don’t need to worry about the light too bright or too dark.And you will keep a good mood to enjoy the makeup trip.


  •   If you want to have a professional exquisite makeup, in addition to make-up techniques, vanity light is essential.Projected on the face of the light enough, your face will not form a shadow, every place on face are bright and full, so the face color uniform that the make-up effect well. 


  • The length of the vanity light also can be adjusted for your need. The length between the two bulbs can be adjusted freely.Besides, you also can cut the extra bulbs after you finish the installation. Please note that the extra bulbs which be cut can’t be used again.

Package Included:

1 x light kits 
1 x  dimmer switch
1 x Plug
1 x User manual
2 x Spare accessories

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